Terran & Kate

Terran & Kate

Monday, August 26, 2013

Eva Kate's Birth Story

I know I am a little behind but I am finally getting time to get baby girls birth story up. I have totally slacked off on blogging since around 22 weeks. Sorry everyone I will try and make it more a priority now that Eva is here. So here it goes!

On Thursday Aug. 1st I was back at work after so many weeks on bed rest, I woke up feeling groggy, having period like cramps, and just exhausted. I didn't think much of it and headed to work. A little while into my shift I was having awful back pains ( yucky back labor ). I put a smile on anyway and kept working through it. After some time I decided I should try and time them that it might be a smart thing. Well I was to busy at work to try and time them myself while pretending I could talk to members while helping them through my contractions. So I never ended up timing them, and after I got pretty uncomfortable I went and told my manager how I was feeling and she immediately sent me home even though I insisted on staying and finishing the last hour and a half of my shift. She won and I went home. I knew these contractions had felt so much different than anything I had felt before.
As soon as I went home everything slowed down and the contractions were not consistent at all, some were 14 minutes some were 25 minutes and some were only 4 minutes apart and so I decided just to take a relaxing shower and get all prettied up since my husband was on his way home and I hadn't seen him in forever. Terran got home around 6ish and my aunt and uncle stopped by and we visited for about and hour. My contractions were finally consistent and only 8 minutes apart. After they left we were going to grab food and head to Vegas if they got closer.... only a minute into the car ride the contractions jumped to 4 minutes apart so we made our way down. Once we hit Moapa we pulled over because my contractions had slowed down to 12 minutes apart and I was so upset I said turn around I am not driving to Vegas to be sent home once again for false labor.  
When we arrived home Terran, my mom, and Lexi all hopped in showers after a long day, and I hung out down stairs. Not even 45 minutes later I went in to Terran and said I think this is the real thing, I went to the bathroom and there was my mucous plug and almost instantly my contractions became extremely intense and only 1.5 minutes apart. Off to Vegas we went!! 
Once we got to the hospital it felt like the longest walk up to labor and delivery, when we made it up there the nurses were in no hurry to get me in a room and I wanted to strangle someone lol. My nurse hooked me up and ensured me I most likely would not be here long and acted like I was such an inconvience to her. Finally she came in to check me and what do you know I had progressed to a 3 after being stuck at a 1 for almost a month. She still acted like I was going to be headed home soon and said she would call my doc and see what he wants. I stood up and spent that part of my labor in the most comfortable positions I could find. I thought I was going to throw up the whole time and stood over a trash can rocking back and forth and focused really hard on completely relaxing my lower body. I progressed to a 5 in about an hour and boy once I hit active labor my back labor got extremely intense. I decided then to get the epidural, mostly because I was already so tired since it was the middle of the night and I wanted to go to sleep more than anything. 
Boy was the epidural just amazing! Everything from that point on seemed so surreal. It was so easy and completely opposite from what I expected. The next time the nurse came in my water had broke on its own and I was at a 7! It was so close to her being here I was so anxious. I did have extreme nauseousness through all my labor and it was not getting any better. My doctor came in for a visit to see how I was doing right around 7:00 in the morning and had the nurse checked me again... I hadn't progressed any, and my doctor was really mad because the nurse never gave me pitocin like he had instructed 4 hours earlier... boy did that make me mad, and thankfully it was time for nightshift to be done and I got a new nurse. She immediately gave me my pitocin and nauseous medicine, what a life saver why hadnt the nurse before given it to me when I told her over and over again I was so sick. I had even thrown up! haha Oh well anyway it didnt take long after that for baby girl to crown. They rushed my doc out of surgery to get him there in time. The nurse had me start pushing when he said he was almost to the hospital! well after 3 sets of pushing she told me oh no you have to stop the doc isn't here yet! That was the worst part of waiting I wanted to push! This time while waiting for my doctor seemes even more surreal than before. This was really happening, we were so close to having Eva in our arms. Terran and I just sat and talked while waiting for my doc. Then when my doc finally ran in and was throwing on his gown and gear and the nurse says alright push! Almost immediately she told me to stop pushing his gloves are not on yet  I dont want to deliver this baby. Finally I could push and it only took 2 more sets and baby girl was here!!!

Terran was such an awesome coach, him comforting me made it so much easier for me to relax. I am extremely grateful he was there!

after the epidural!

Time to push! He was even better at coaching here! Im sure he was anxious for her to be here.

She was finally here! My first time holding my baby Eva Kate!

7 pounds 2 ounces and 19.5 inches long
August 2, 2013

I am more than grateful for being blessed with such a beautiful baby girl and a beautiful family. I cannot thank my heavenly father enough for such a wonderful blessing! I love being a mother it is truly the greatest gift, and I enjoy watching my husband be the wonderful father I always new he would be! Thanks baby for giving me a beautiful baby girl!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

22 weeks

My baby belly is sure starting to pop! baby girl must be getting so big! I luckily don't have stretch marks on my belly yet but I sure have them other places unfortunately. Oh well I know its a part of pregnancy! I have been feeling great I have even started to work out again and I love every second of it. I feel so good during every work out! It sure hasn't helped my weight gain. I didn't gain anything in the beginning because I was losing it while being sick but I have sure made up for it this month. I have gained around 21 pounds already, and I swell up like big old water balloon. I definitely didn't think this would come till later in pregnancy but oh well what can you do? it is better than morning sickness that's for sure. This just means none of my shoes fit, and I can't find wide enough shoes to replace them either. I currently cannot wear my wedding ring which makes me really sad, it still fits just not when I swell and it hurts if I don't get it off in time so the result is not wearing it at all. My hand feels so naked without it.
Baby girl gets stronger everyday. She still hardly moves unless it is just me and her then she decides to be all crazy. She likes to do rolls in my tummy, and punch and elbow me. That and stick her head and butt out to where it pushes my tummy out. Very uncomfortable for her momma though, but I love it. Terran has yet to feel her move along with most everyone else. She refuses to move for them, so I make them just watch my stomach instead lol.
The love Terran and I have for this little girl is undescribable and she makes me so unbelievably happy. I love my little family so much! I am so grateful for eternal families and for the opportunity to soon be Eva's mom!

the big ultrasound!

I had been just dieing for this moment for so long!!! It was like night before Christmas before this doctors appointment! and it sure out did my expectations too! The first the nurse confirmed that the doc was correct on the gender. She is for sure a girl:) and we just got to watch our little girl on screen! It was one of the happiest moments. I could feel and see her move at the same time. She still continues to have her little hands tucked up under her chin, she even smile when her daddy started talking. This little Eva sure loves her dad already, his voice can always get her to move. She gave us a little thumbs up before it looked like she stuck it in her mouth lol. She has such long legs and arms and fingers. That thumbs up she gave us we knew right away that she didn't have my hands and fingers! oh thank goodness right lol.
Here are some pictures from the ultrasound.
her big foot!

her long legs

and her long little arms

this one makes me so happy!!
This is where she smiled at Terran.
and here she is again tucking those hands up under her chin.

It is so insane how much we already love this little girl. Terran says good morning and good night to her everyday and talks and gives her kisses all the time. She already has him wrapped around her little finger;) We are so thrilled to meet our sweet Eva!
She is still measuring just over a week ahead, she was already almost a pound at 19 and a half weeks and she was measuring to be 8 pounds by a week before my due date! oh boy was all I could think. She is strong and healthy so far! She isn't much of a mover although when she does move she is quite strong. I've been wanting her to move so much but I am sure I will be grateful once she is born that she isn't much of a wiggler. I have been feeling much better, I still have spurts of morning sickness but I feel a million times better. Four more weeks and we get to see baby girl again!!

Boy or Girl!?

After having to go into the hospital for being so sick and needing fluids Terran and I had to return to my OB for an unplanned appointment to check up on our sweet little baby to make sure he/she was ok. I am not going to lie it was a scary experience for me and I am pretty sure how sick I was this time around had Terran pretty scared too, especially since it was hard to beat with how sick I had already been. I mean tossing my cookies six times in a few hours would throw anyone off. Anyways, little baby Leavitt was strong and healthy which made everything that I had been through the few days prior seem some what bearable. The one good thing that came from being so sick was the doctor during the checkup immediately could tell the gender of our sweet little baby! It was quite obvious to me even before he said anything. We didn't have to wait four more weeks at my 20 week ultrasound to know what to be expecting in a few short months!!! We were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited, and yet I will never forget the look on my husbands face. Oh it was priceless! but in a good way of course!
EVA KATE LEAVITT will be joining us in August:)
we cannot wait to welcome our sweet little girl into our arms!

We were so excited to tell our family! A little scared to inform my dad the yet again he won't be getting a little boy, but excited. Terran and I had wanted to do something simple but fun to announce to our families. We told our fams that we were going to be up in Bunkerville that night and wanted to do a barbecue for our special news. Every single person tried to convince us that they would be the ones to find out first but we didn't give in. We barbecued and made everyone eat and take a poll before we announced it (and boy were they hating us for that;) lol). Terran finally announced it just by saying Tucker Evan is going to have and older sister. We were so convinced it was a boy and wanted to name him Tucker that we thought it might throw them off a bit, and it sure did. They were like wait so its a baby girl right?? and then they all literally jumped for joy, except my father, he just dropped his head and shook it back and forth. It took awhile for it to sink in for him but now he is more excited lol.
This little girl will be so spoiled. We are so grateful an so excited to share this world with her. I cannot wait to meet her. Terran is already having anxiety over her dating years but I just know he is going to be such a great daddy!
AHHHH I am just so excited!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

15 and 16 week update!!

I know I am a little behind since I am now almost 16 and half weeks along but I will just have not gotten a chance to sit down and blog:/  So on valentines day Terran and I got to spend our morning at the doctors office:) we got to see our little baby and unfortunately little one was being stubborn and shying away at showing us the gender. I love going to see the baby!!! Little one had his or her hands tucked underneath its chin and would keep looking right at us, it followed exactly where the doctor would out the ultrasound thingy on my stomach ( that sure didnt sound very smart but I promise I am just to tired for the words to come to mind). The baby was sticking its little booty away from us and literally jumping up and down, we definitely have a mover on our hands!! I had been so anxious after that to feel the baby since I knew he or she was moving, and I didn't have to wait long:) baby sure loves to move and only kicks every so often. I wasn't sure what was happening at first it just felt like an unrythmic heart beat in my stomach, like flutters but Terran could even feel the baby at the same time! It was such a happy moment for us. Now that Terran knows the baby can hear to he is always talking to my tummy, well he actually whispers to my tummy and claims him and the baby have secrets. The baby sure loves him because he can always get the baby moving when he talks to it. I love it so much, he is going to be an awesome dad. As far as pregnancy symptoms the morning sickness is almost completely gone! Thank goodness and I knocked on wood too! It still hits occasionally but nothing like before. I havent gotten that burst of energy yet that everyone talks about but I am hopeful:) I have started to work out again and it feels amazing. I have to take a day in between because it literally makes me move slower than tar but during the workouts I feel awesome like I could go for hours. So far in the pregnancy I would gain weight and quickly drop it with being sick but I have finally gained and kept it and I am sitting at 9 pounds total, but thats from the last two weeks. ah:/ which scares me but I know I was just making up for being so sick. Terran and I are anxious for our next appointment at 20 weeks to find out the gender of our little babe! At first we really wanted a little boy but we have both come to find out we are really excited for either!! The doctor forgot to give us a new picture of our little baby, but it was hard to take a picture when baby was moving so much lol. I cannot wait to see little one again and will update everyone again soon!!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Baby Leavitt:)

So our last doctors appointment was at 10 weeks 2 days and baby Leavitt looked healthy:) he or she was moving its arms but put them down right as the doc went to take the picture. Baby is still measuring a few days ahead, but nothing wrong with a possible chubby baby right? Here is a new picture of the little one! the doc aslo said he is going to try and guess the gender of the baby next time we come in:) we cannot wait!! The baby is about the size of a prune in this picture. Now that I am 12 weeks along the baby is about the size of a large plum! Our little babe is growing so fast!

As far as how I feel, well not much has changed. I lost all the pregnancy weight I had gained because I could hardly eat anything. I basically have been forcing myself to eat. If anyone knows me this is completely the opposite of how I normally am. I love my food and I cannot say the same right now. I quickly got over my cravings for potatoes. Pizza still sticks around but macaroni and cheese is my new found love in this prgnancy! I want it all day every day. I hate how unhealthy I eat but honestly I have hit the point that eating something is better than nothing. I struggled the first few weeks with this unhealthy run I was on because I normally love my fruits and vegetables and would prefer to eat healthy food. I thought I was doing a horrible job as a soon to be mom, but most people convinced me that it is almost impossible to eat healthy for most pregnant women in the first trimester. I just hope I am doing this right for my little one! I am exhausted all the time but the morning sickness is starting to wear off thankfully. All I do is sleep if I am not working, I'm not complaining about that part though;) My back injury has become an issue already but I didn't expect anything different. The doctor that examined my back warned me of this way back when and it was the initial reason I quit softball. So I wouldn't make pregnancy any harder than it was already going to be.
My baby belly is starting to show a little more every week. I definitely do not know how to feel about it yet. I had to buy new pants and a few new shirts so I could wear clothes comfortably but I am definitely not to maternity clothes yet. All I know about this pregnancy for sure is I would never survive without my husband!!!!!! Like seriously though! He is always there when I need a helping hand, he has taken care of me while I have been so sick, he doesn't let me lift a finger, he tells me I am beautiful every day ( not that he never did before but it seems to mean a whole lot more to you when your pregnant and feel crummy), I just am so grateful for all he has done for me and this baby. Words will never explain how much I love Terran. He is going to be such a good father, I look forward to the day I first get to see him hold our little baby.
So here is a picture at 12 weeks, it really doesn't do justice to my tummy but I didn't have the best outfit with me to take the picture so it will do.

A little update on our whole family is that Terran has started the spring semester finally, and boy is he in for a tough one, but I just know he is going to excelle in his classes though. He is taking his Intermediate EMT course which is 9 credits alone, along with his fire fighter I course and BLM fire course. A position at the Elko Fire Department opened up and is hiring. Terran took advantage of this opportunity and applied for the position. This position would be a huge blessing to our  growing little family and we are praying that it will come to us. Terran has also applied for many BLM fir jobs throughout Nevada, Idaho, Utah, and a small portion of Arizona. That is our second choice for a job after this semester for him, and if those two do not come to us then we will also apply for Terran to be a full time EMT here in Las Vegas. We have options and we know the Lord will bless us with what he feels is best for our family. I will start my bachelors program at Western Governors University hopefully the beginning of March to get my degree for teaching in biological sciences for grades 5-12. I am so excited for this to start because it feels so weird that I am not in school right now. The two of us are excited for the new adventures that may lie ahead for us in the near future. We are definitely grateful for what has been given to us so far and everything has been such a blessing, we definitely have felt the Lord's hand in our lives.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Baby Leavitt:)

Most of you already know but Terran and I have some big news. We had many make the announcement for us before we ever got a chance, but we wanted to do an official post:) Terran and I are very excited and let me tell you so is all of our family!
Baby Leavitt will be here August 11, 2013:)
I know it doesn't look like a baby quite yet but this was taken at 6 weeks 5 days. We tested positive early on at about 3 weeks into the pregnancy. I have definitely had my share of pregnancy symptoms too! Its the only time I can account for being so excited while feeling so yucky. I definitely wouldn't have survived so far without my lifesavers which are my husband Terran. He doesn't let me lift a finger and is there for me every time I need him, even if its just rubbing my back while I am pucking my guts out lol. My other life savers are hard candies and my Dr. Pepper. I try an stay away from those as much as possible but they are the only thing that takes the edge of the morning sickness so needless to say I am really grateful for them right about now. I have gained about 5 pounds already since I found out I was pregnant. CRAZY! I gained that five really quickly and its turned into a steady gain since then. I am 9 weeks and two days today and we are looking forward to our next doctors appointment on the 15th! I a starting to get a little baby bump which seems weird with how far along I am. Most days though I feel like I am just fat more than anything lol. We cannot wait to find out what we are having though:) Terran and I are hoping we are going to have a baby boy first, and so is my dad (of course cuz he never had his own) but everyone else in the family is hoping for a girl. Either way we will be extremely happy for our new addition! Kiah is going to love being a big sister.
Here is a picture at 9 weeks!